2015 Year in Review

I’m finally able take a moment to reflect on 2015!

I’ve realized my postings haven’t been as frequent as I’d like. 2015 brought upon my first full-time job at Blue Sky Marketing Group, thus, I would have less available time for the Northwest Herald. Nonetheless, I haven’t shared much of what I did shoot.

Fortunately, this can be my redemption as my 2015 Year in Review includes all types of images I have made over the past year: person images, work images, iPhone images, and of course selfies. This will pretty much serve as a quick recap of the major events which took place. Note: these images are simply in chronological order.

Thank you all that made 2015 what it was. I hope 2016 raises the bar even higher. Enjoy!:

(apologies for not remembering who took the photos I’m actually in – I’ll add credits if you remind me which you took)