Hi, I’m Daryl Quitalig 🤙🏽

I create both in the photography and design spaces. I’m looking to utilize all of these experiences in the future work I will do.

I’m a visual creator with over nine years of overall experience, ranging from direct with a world-class university, newspaper work, marketing firm, and freelance projects. I thrive in creating, collaborating, and creative problem solving , both with fellow creators and those with a creative need.

I’ve recently created and collaborated at Blue Sky Marketing Group, where the focus there was brand promotion, prominently in promotional campaigns. With our tight-knit pairing, working under a lead graphic designer/Art Director, we tackled all of company’s creative needs and the needs of its clientele. Fortunately, despite only being a team of two, our personal and collaborative bonds only got stronger as time went on.

Before this, I studied to earn my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. During my time here and to supplement my design studies, I found and fostered an interest in photography, taking many courses and also working as a photojournalist, a tenure of Photo Editor, and freelance projects as well.