2019 Year In Review

2019 Sucked.

Ok fine, it wasn’t the worst, but there were some major changes in the second half that had to be dealt with.

But this circumstance aside, it was still actually a good year. It’s still another year of changes, growth, new experiences.

For one, 2019 brought about going from not really being a concert goer, to seeing 4x K-pop concerts that visited Chicago. This in itself was a great family experience as I was able to go with my little cousins Hannah, Richelle, and Michael and enjoy these all together.

Another wonderful addition to my life this year was this one group chat I found myself in. Remember when Facebook had “Groups” group chats? Well, I found my way into one that talked about everything K-pop and even though they were already acquainted with one another by the time I joined, I quickly found myself befriending quite a few of them, making a solid bond. Through the catalyst of our general passions about the music and dramas, we created a baseline conversation from which we’ve now evolved into being able to talk about life in general and deeper, closer-to-the-heart topics.

This group is such a diverse group of people – different ages, locations, backgrounds, experiences, interests – and everyone genuinely cares about one another. Even for an ancient Ahjussi like me to be part of all of their lives. Most of us haven’t even met face-to-face yet, so that’s why there aren’t photos of these people for this year. They all have definitely made an impact on me this year and hopefully 2020 we’ll all get together and unite!

Not to write a play-by-play recap of the year, as I’ll kind of let the photos just do that, I’ll still leave off with my continued belief:

Re-reading 2018, I know I said this there, but “the people in your life truly affect you. I deeply believe in “everything happens for a reason” and that every moment, every decision you make has effects down the line.” You’ll never be able to fully plan out your life. New people will enter your circle, others may drift away, circumstances beyond your own control can also completely change the course of life that you may have envisioned. In the end, being able to look back just a bit, perhaps it’s not that the path has veered, but maybe it’s that it was the intended path in the first place?

Cherish each moment. Say hello to an old friend. Drink a glass of water.

Thank you to everyone that made awesome 2019 memories with me and kept me growing. Here’s to the roaring 20s!