2018 Year in Review

Another year down in the books! As I reflect a bit upon the year, try to decide what to write, and realize I don’t quite have my website best designed for a really long post, I remember that I mainly do these Year(s) in Review for myself, as a quick look back at my year through the photos I’ve made, and not as much as an in-depth breakdown of the year. Eventually, I’ll get back into slightly more consistent posting for each event after they happen. Until then, I will at least give a small insight into what I’ve thought about, looking back at 2018:

(admittedly, I had a pretty decent writeup already going, but I’m not a writer-type and I really do want to keep this err-ing on the shorter side, so I deleted that all, and re-wrote it to the gist of what I wanted to reflect on.)

After reflecting on 2018, this has really hit me: the people in your life truly affect you. (“Obviously, Daryl” is what you’re thinking. Right? Hear me out a little.) As I’ve said in previous years, for those of you newer in my life and to my site, I deeply believe in “everything happens for a reason” and that every moment, every decision you make has effects down the line.

At the core of it, life is all about humans interacting with other humans. People will come and go. Some will have a minor affect and be short-term realizations. The deeper cuts will have rather major affects. The beauty of it is this can happen even with the most simple of interactions. 2018 gave me some of these, which brought (at the time) simple choices, but those ended up being rather major changes in this life of mine. 2009-Daryl would have never guessed what 2019-Daryl is doing/has planned, 그런데 여한이 없다. I have no regrets. You may never know what affect you have in another’s life, but it’s quite possible your imapact may be greater than anticipated or envisioned.

I don’t think I do this enough, but I truly thank every one of you that made 2018 what it was. It, of course, had its ups and downs (cliché, yes), but every moment of it, every experience, brought up a lesson to learn or a memory to be had. I’m glad to have y’all around me! Cheers to 2019!