2017 Year in Review

Well, looking back at what I said for 2016’s Year in Review, 2017 brought many changes, most, indirect from my personal actions.

Starting at the surface, after a taking all of 2016 lusting over the Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ platform, a late-2016 collision (other party was at-fault and sadly uninsured – get good insurance everyone!), and a search to a dealership in Minnesota, I acquired and own a 2017 Toyota 86 in Halo and 6-speed manual (my first manual car, which I’ve loved from the very first, nervous moment driving her home, not feeling well with the flu or something). I’ve named her Ariana (can be found via Instagram with the #Ariana86).

Connecting to acquiring Ariana, I’ve found myself a member of the car community, now that I’m able to act on my passion for cars. More specifically, I’ve found Chi-Town 86! Admittedly, early through the year, I didn’t go to many events, but after the Season Closer in September, I became closer to a bunch of them, and we talk/joke/roast just about daily on a group chat. We’re able to learn about our cars, modifying our cars, and even just daily talks.

Otherwise, as with any year, 2017 had its ups and downs, which this post isn’t targeted to detailing, but just wanted to acknowledge for everyone out there.

As in the preceding years, this collection is a mix between personal photos and working photos, chronologically set for the year. It’s not necessarily a comprehensive recap of the year (which my Instagram @darylquitalig and its daily stories is closer to being), but is a solid choice of images that highlight the year, along with what I believe were some of my better images created in the year. Again, many thanks to all the people throughout the year that made this year be a wonderful year. Whether it was for 1 minute, or 525,600, I continually believe that everything happens for a reason.

After 2017 and its memories, 2018 is projecting to be a really wonderful year. Which is great, because my 10-year High School reunion should be happening next year, 2019…